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Microsoft Dynamics is a line of integrated, adaptable business management   solutions that enable your people to make important business decisions with   greater confidence. Microsoft Dynamics works like and with familiar Microsoft   software—easing adoption and reducing the risks inherent with implementing a new   solution. These solutions automate and streamline financial, customer   relationship, and supply chain processes in a way that can help you drive   business success. Microsoft Dynamics comprises several unique software   products to meet almost any business need. Read on for more information   about who these solutions are for, what they do, and how to get them.

Microsoft Dynamics solutions include applications and services for retailers,   manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and service companies, doing business   domestically or in multiple countries. With these tools in hand, people in every   key position in your organization can contribute to the success of your company.   Microsoft Dynamics enhances all lines of business in your organization and   delivers exceptional benefits in three critical areas:

Financial   management: Microsoft Dynamics solutions help you maintain control of your   finances and manage them with a high level of efficiency. You can make complete,   current financial information and reports available to anybody who needs it to   perform business planning. Simplify and automate routine and repetitious   functions, so your employees can focus on more critical tasks. Use Microsoft   Dynamics to create the required financial and other reporting needed to realize   flawless regulatory compliance.
Customer   relationship management (CRM): Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other customer   relationship management tools help you maintain close contact with your   customers and prospects, and manage sales and marketing initiatives and track   their results. Microsoft Dynamics can also assist you in identifying emerging   customer needs early and respond to them before the competitors   do.
Supply chain   management: With Microsoft Dynamics, you can connect your entire supply   chain in a productive, fast-moving flow. Assess the business value of your   vendor and business partner relationships to make sure they suit your   objectives. Offer sophisticated communicative, collaborative, and self-service   capabilities to make it easy and compelling for other companies to do business   with you. Increase efficiencies in distribution to improve customer satisfaction   and reduce the cost of doing business.

Thousands of Microsoft Certified Solution Developers around the world have   developed add-in products that extend Microsoft Dynamics to meet   industry-specific and company-specific needs. They have experience working with   Microsoft Dynamics solutions, and offer a range of services to help make your   business successful.

In addition, you can customize Microsoft Dynamics software and services to   your unique requirements. Customization may involve configuration of the entire   solution or just for individual users, to enable them to more easily manage   their workspaces for maximum productivity. In addition, to boost the value of   key business relationships, you can make Microsoft Dynamics functionality   available securely on the Web to employees, customers, vendors, and   partners.

Microsoft Dynamics is designed with your people and business in mind. With years of input from people like you, Microsoft Dynamics has been   designed to be familiar to your people, work well with your existing systems,   empower people and teams to be productive, and promote informed decision-making.   With effective support from Microsoft and the worldwide partner community, you   can implement Microsoft Dynamics today and let it grow with you into the   future.