With any deployment what you want most is a high user-adoption rate, but this can also be what creates the most problems in the foreseeable future of your solution delivery. Without proper boundaries a technology solution will eventually either outgrow its capacity, loose user loyalty, and increase inefficiency.  Governance addresses growth, procedures, extensibility, maintenance, training, and people management within a delivered solution.

key resources

Governance Analyst (GA)
The Governance Analyst comes in at the Definition phase of the project usually but will have some time spent during projections in earlier phases and is also accountable for Project Signoff.

key deliverables

  • [PRE-SALES] Statement of Work (SOW)
  • [DISCOVERY] Project Plan
  • [DISCOVERY] Time Projections
  • [DEFINITION] Governance Plan Document (GPD)
  • [DEFINITION] Team/Council Building and Structure
  • [DEFINITION] Council Guide
  • [DEFINITION] Council Meeting Kickoff
  • [DEFINITION] Council Approval and Signoff
  • [DELIVERY] Project Final Signoff