Amplified Technologies, Inc. provides comprehensive business  solutions, from application development and internal collaboration to integration  management to project analysis and brand promotion.

Specializing in the customization and delivery of Microsoft  products, we bring solutions to complex business challenges. Whether updating an office intranet with Microsoft SharePoint Server technologies, integrating an ecommerce website to automate with back office processes, or migrating company email  server to the new Microsoft Exchange Server, our talented and certified consultants do the job  right the first time, guaranteed. In addition to Microsoft, we are also partnered with Hewlett Packard and Adobe Systems, which help our clients acquire top of the line hardware and software for a fraction of the cost.

Our consultants are carefully selected based on past achievements and acquired knowledge. A strict screening process makes us one of the hardest organizations to join — you just have to “wow” us. Our consultants have been web designers, application developers, IT managers, Vice Presidents, and even Chief Information Officers. As an allegiance of brilliant minds, we’ve brought these people   together to provide our expertise to newer, smaller companies that we feel would   benefit largely from our past experiences. Our highs and lows on the road to   successful ventures can prove to be invaluable to businesses that are just   starting out or do not have the IT knowledge necessary to push themselves to the   next level. We believe this approach is not only profitable and innovative for our   clients, but certainly more flexible, easy-going, and exciting for our   professionals. Only the most qualified, trustworthy employees are offered this   opportunity.

We believe in a strong sense of community and offer our input and expertise to anyone with a question. Forums, blogs, and downloads are available on our site to engage and educate our  visitors, clients, and colleagues in various areas of technology advancements. Writing articles for magazines and trade journals, putting together presentations and keynote speeches, presenting at technology seminars, and even hosting small business fairs for new owners and investors are all interests that our company participates in every day.

We feel indebted to give back the good fortunes that have been bestowed on us. As such, we actively participated in a wide variety of charity events and organizations. One specific cause near and dear to our hearts is assisting young students in challenged public schools learn how technology can help them achieve great success in their studies and promote technological career choices. With our “Dare to Share” program, we solicit other technology-based businesses in our area share their time and profits to help local schools get new equipment for their computer labs.

Amplified Technologies, Inc. is a privately  held firm headquartered in the heart of beautiful, sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida with satellite offices in Stony Brook, New York. Interested in investment opportunities? Please visit our Investor Relations section.


Our mission is to deliver comprehensive business solutions with integrity and professionalism all while demonstrating a passion for our clients and their vision for success. We believe that with a commitment to teamwork and personal growth we can help our clients reach the next level.


Amplified Technologies, Inc. has an unique concept to how its consultants are sought, interviewed, and acquired. We maintain only the most qualified consultants on contract. Most work as independent contractors, traveling from one area of the country to the other.


Amplified Technologies, Inc. believes in flexibility, first  and foremost. Our consultants choose the projects they wish to work on and  arrange their hours with the client in a manner that best suits them both,  which is why consultants are often able to take on multiple projects. There is  plenty of travel across the country that evolves out of our work here, so  consultants get to visit areas that they normally would not get a chance to.

We believe in unity among our people, so we  spend time getting to know them, their families, and their interests. Company sponsored vacations and holiday events happen throughout the year that affords  us such opportunities. For a consultant, it’s really the best of both worlds.